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Hugotag Ennoblissement SAS

374 Route de Chirassimont
42470 Fourneaux

Tel : +33 (0)4 77 62 45 54

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Hugotag Ennoblissement was born out of a merger of two companies specialising in silk and silk fabrics: Hugo Soie Ennoblissement (founded in 1818) and Teintureries et Apprêts du Gand (founded in 1974).

Between them, these two companies have two centuries’ experience in silk-processing: degumming, combined dyes, special dyes, finishing and digital printing.

Specialising in high-end textile finishing, Hugotag employs both industrial and manual techniques (degradé, ombré, etc.). .)

It possesses rare and specific expertise, such as frame-dyeing, and has patented a number of dyeing processes, including Ombré, Fizzy, Batik and Wave.

With an eye to innovation, Hugotag also carries out digital printing.

The firm is based in the traditional silk-making region of Rhône-Alpes, and works for industry professionals, including a dozen EPV-labelled companies which themselves work for leading high-end and luxury brands. It works exclusively to order.

Concerned for the environment, it is one of the few textile finishing companies to hold ISO 14001certification.