Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Poteries Goïcoechea

Manufacture of terracotta potteries
RD 918 Ihordoqui
Village des artisans
64780 Osses
Nouvelle Aquitaine

Sale to private individuals and professionals

The workshop's speciality is the manufacture of large-capacity horticultural pottery. The articles are made with painstaking care.

Certain articles are exceptionally large, up to 1 m 20 cm high.  The company stands out for its use of the rope technique which makes it possible to produce very large pieces. The square or rectangular planters, also large in size (up to 70 cm long), are made by stamping: for adding on the friezes, the company's model-maker is assisted by a sculptor. The workshop itself extracts and prepares the clay that it uses. The clay is mixed in the kneeding trough and this enables it to keep all its plastic qualities. Moreover, after firing, the clay reveals thin white decorative veinlets.


The pieces are dried in drying rooms adapted for large pieces whose thickness may sometimes be as much as 8 cm: this drying operation may thus require several months. The gas kilns, also adapted to the special product volumes, fire them at 1040° or even 1100° for the largest pieces made using the cord technique. The company sells directly to private individuals; its products are also available in upmarket garden centres, for example, Hermès and the luxury section of the Truffaut, Jardiland and Botanic garden centres.