Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

OA 1710 - Orfèvrerie d'Anjou

137 avenue Victor Chatenay
BP 33069
49017 Angers Cedex 02

Tel : +33 (0)2 41 43 79 12
Sale to private individuals and professionals

In 1710, Antoine Alègre, the first pewtersmith in his family, set up business as a pewter craftsman in Angers and founded the Etains d’Anjou, which later became the "Orfèvrerie d’Anjou".

Today, the company's work involves working to order (for luxury brands). It also distributes its own collection, which was launched in 2004.


The company's flagship product is its champagne bucket and accessories: knife and sabre. It also makes vases, wine decanting funnels, knife rests, trivets, candlesticks, and reissues (tea set, traditional champagne bucket). The items are all made of solid pewter, and most play with the natural shine of this pure metal. Solid pewter items are a sought-after alternative: easier to work with than silver, it is also rust-proof and less expensive. The items made by the company sport a very contemporary design produced by well-known designers (J.C. de Castelbajac, Chantal Thomas) or designers with a high level of expertise (Eric Berthès, graduate from the Ecole Boulle, a Meilleur Ouvrier de France who works in the workshop).


The workshop carries out the entire manufacturing process: from casting/rolling or melting ingots through to the end and packaged product, via turning, spinning, plating, engraving, polishing and finishing. The company event has a workshop to make tools and moulds, making up for the fact that there are no longer any training courses in this field.

The company sells its products via a network of sellers; it also has a Website that targets professionals and proposes points of sale throughout the world. The workshop also works to order. The clientele consists of professionals, notably luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Dom Pérignon, and Hennessy.