Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Atelier Sedap

Design and production of decorative objects in plaster
39 rue de la Paix
ZI Est Le Petit Gast - Le Moulin des Landes
44140 La Planche

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For over 40 years, the Atelier Sedap has been revealing the unknown qualities of plaster through its innovative creations. The purity of the lines, the sharpness of the edges and the rigorous designs have created a unique identity that is both decorative and architectural.
Today, the environment is at the heart of its concerns and allows the studio to reveal the ‘hidden’ qualities of what is an eternal
material. With its experience and the progress made in moulding, it offers truly economical solutions with impeccable designs.

Generations of plaster workers have handed down their ever more refined savoir-faire within the family. Gypsum from the quarries in the Paris region is used by the Atelier Sedap and then worked, shaped and moulded on the shores of the Atlantic.

The Atelier Sedap’s research and creativity have helped change the uses of plaster and increase its applications in lighting. The choice of plaster as a material is now, more than ever, an environmentally friendly production method of choice. Indeed, plaster has been recognised for thousands of years for its properties of humidity control, protection against fire and sound insulation. It is now lauded for its environmental and health benefits: health, because plaster is made from gypsum (a mineral rock) and water and does not require the use of adhesives, solvents, or other products harmful to humans; the environment because protective environmental measures govern the pre, during and post of the plastering process.

The plaster used by the workshop comes from a French producer, which respects all environmental standards. Furthermore, the firing of the plaster takes place at low temperature, which minimises the release of CO2. Finally, the waste from manufacturing and construction is recycled.