Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Poterie et tuilerie d'Amance

Pottery, tilery and tiling
4 et 6 rue de Jessains
10140 Amance

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This company originated with La Poterie Vingerver, founded in 1892 and taken over in 1938 by the Drouilly family, who are still the owners today.

In 2007, a new activity of tile-making was started to complement the traditional production of pottery.


The company proposes its services for different objects: pottery, mainly horticultural; tiles, roof decorations and accessories; decorative objects and lights.


Poterie et Tuilerie d'Amance strives to perpetuate the tradition of quality craft work in which its modelling activity plays a major role. Its rare know-how? Casting of parts, stamping and wadding. The later, which is extremely rare, is used to reproduce old parts, particularly Gallo-Roman. The workshop also creates new products.