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Ducaroy Grange

Design and production of three-dimensional scale models and scenic design
77 rue Etienne Richerand
69003 Lyon

Tel : +33 (0)4 72 33 79 04
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Founded in 1965, Ducaroy Grange is one of the oldest makers of professional scale models.

Its founders shared the same passion for the craft: in 1948, André Ducaroy set up his first model-making workshop, in which Bernard Grange became a partner in 1958. Richard Lavergne has run the business since 1998.

Initially specialising in architectural models, the company soon diversified to produce scale models for museums and industry and, more recently, scenery and decors. p>

Heir to rare and multiple skills, as early as the 1960s the company played an active part, in collaboration with the Chamber of Crafts and Trades, in designing the first apprenticeships, and has devoted itself to developing and teaching the model-maker’s craft.

Today, Ducaroy Grange’s technical and artistic expertise, continually updated, incorporates the very latest technology. The firm’s reputation has spread over the past 50 years across France and Europe, and it remains a reference for the excellence of its services.