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Chocolat Weiss

Chocolate maker, sweet maker
1 rue Eugène Weiss
42006 Saint-Etienne Cedex 1

Sale to private individuals and professionals

Over the course of a century, Weiss has established itself as a high quality manufacturer and provider of choice for professionals and ‘chocaholics’ all over the world.

Weiss is now one of the great names in French chocolate thanks to its mastery of the entire production process, from the selection of the best beans and nuts to the manufacture of chocolates. Weiss’ excellence does not stop there: the chocolate has also become a reference in the world of praline. Drawing on its creative dynamism and desire to give full satisfaction to its customers, Weiss demonstrates its passion for the profession through its chocolates, pralines and confectionery, and reserves its best for them, always decorated with a delicate ribbon.
Weiss has indeed managed to create inimitable taste in chocolate coating and pralines, which have become references worldwide along with the flavoured ganaches and fondants with natural fruit pulp and crisp nougatines. As with each customer in its shop, Weiss gives special attention to its artisan customers (chocolatiers, pastry chefs, bakers, etc.) and gastronomy professionals: listening to them, Weiss has developed appropriate solutions with and for them. Food lovers and professionals are not mistaken. With the ‘Weiss taste’, they have the pleasure of tasting a chocolate or a praline that creates emotion, a rich combination of flavours and textures. So let yourself be seduced by the exceptional flavours of Haut Chocolat®. And why not visit the workshop, open to the public since October 2016.
Les Ateliers Weiss are a unique attraction in Saint-Etienne, where chocolate rubs shoulders with culture and gastronomy. Placed at the heart of the chocolate factory, these workshops have been designed as a living and accessible place to visit with exhibitions, a shop and a restaurant area. Its steel and glass architecture, transparent and with curves and undulations illustrate the Weiss spirit.