Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Ateliers Pinton

Manufacture of carpets and tapestries
9 rue Preville
23500 Felletin
Nouvelle Aquitaine

Tel : +33 (0)5 55 66 55 42

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The Pinton factory was created in 1867. Today, the company is specialised in making carpets and tapestries. Its activity is divided into two types of production: weaving tapestries and short-haired carpets and making tufted carpets.

Designing is still an important activity in the company, thanks to contemporary French artists who devote their time to designing carpets.

The company's rare know-how is the use of horizontal weaving looms to make tapestries; these looms are mostly used for Felletin tapestries. The work is carried out on the reverse side.

Its customers include the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York, a 120m-long boat decorated by Pinto, the Louis XV restaurant owned by Ducasse and Vuitton boutiques all over the world.

Ateliers Pinton exports most of its products, notably to the United States, Great Britain, Switzerland and the Middle East.