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Lampe Berger

Manufacture of Berger lamps and room scents
Route d'Elbeuf
27520 Grand Bourgtheroulde

Sale to private individuals and professionals
The story of Lampe Berger began in 1898. To address a major concern at the time, that of asepsis in hospitals, Maurice Berger, a pharmacy technician, invented the system of catalysed combustion, for which he applied for a patent. This revolutionary technology, which purifies the atmosphere in closed rooms, would soon be put to private use and would give rise to the Berger lamp company.
The company's business is organized around two major areas: creating lamps in sanded glass, lacquered glass and frosted glass and decorated with colour prints, and the creation of perfumes.

The production of burners for Berger lamps is the workshop's rare and complex speciality: it is based on a secret formula mixed to acute precision. The workshop prepares the formula and proceeds to atomise the resulting slurry, mould the ceramic powders and fire the product, checking the porosity and the mechanical strength of the burners.

The burner is the result of ongoing research and is the subject of six international patents.

With more than 5 million litres of perfume and 800,000 lamps sold annually worldwide, Lampe Berger retains a prestigious client base. A French company since its beginning, it enjoys an international reputation: distributed in 56 countries and present in 7,000 sales outlets throughout the world.