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Les Tissages Perrin

Weaving of silks
ZA Les Chaumes
BP 26
38690 Le Grand Lemps

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Weaving, from the thread to the fabric. Markets: accessories, ready-to-wear fashion and lingerie bathrooms.

Products: silk: muslin, satin, gauze, crepe, taffeta, Georgette, twill, "second skin”, plain and printed; mono and bi-stretchable jacquard fabrics. Tissages Perrin collections illustrate a wide range of skills in terms of sketches, feel and colours.


Always attentive to the market and to customers, they meet strict specifications. Structure: Tissages Perrin has the most up-to-date machines: weaving looms, warping machines and efficient control equipment to quickly meet customers’ needs in terms of both production and development of new products. The research laboratory (responsible for ensuring essential criteria such as dimensional and colour stability, resistance, strength, etc.) makes it possible to improve the performance of the fabrics and to meet customers' expectations.


The techniques used in Tissages Perrin are highly skilled.  Everything is done by hand. From product design through to finishing, the sewing division is specialised in making small, made-to-measure accessories: petals, bindings, knots, bias, etc., as well as ties, scarves, etc. The workshop has an atmosphere of rigour and meticulousness, combined with patience, and enjoys  special relations with fashion designers.