Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant

Atelier PC Maury

Restoration and interior decoration, gildings and painted sets
47 rue Saint-Sabin
75011 Paris

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Founded in 1987, as a succession to Pierre and Zelia Maury's workshop, the company is specialised in gilding wood panelling and in making painted decorations for all types of materials.

The workshop carries out restoration, creative and decorative work. In terms of Listed Historical Monuments, Atelier PC Mauray recently restored the painted décor on wood panelling in the Music Room in the Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal (National library of France), the painted and gilded wood panelling in the king's interior apartments in the Château de Versailles, the monumental, gilded wooden frames in Dôle Cathedral, etc.


In the workshop, furniture restoration work, such as ceremonial chairs for the French Senate, alternates with creative work (copying antique frames, décor on contemporary furniture). Its excellent know-how uses traditional techniques in the rules of the art in gilding and polychroming: leaf gilding, preparation and application of primers and colours by hand, re-cutting sculpted and planed ornaments with a cutter. Determined to protect its expertise and apply it in the modern world, research work carried out by the Workshop has led to development of a new decoration product, the "Toile de Laque®", a linen or cotton canvas that is leaf gilded or painted with natural pigments and varnished with a pad, used to decorate walls or furniture. 


The company works to order for individuals or professionals and institutions. Its clientele consists of some prestigious names, not only in historical monuments, but also well-known decorators and architects and major luxury brands. The company exports to Switzerland, Russia and Qatar, and is continuing to develop, notably in the United States.