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Feeling's Sylvie Coquet

Manufacture of porcelain objects
Nouvelle Aquitaine

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Born into a family of atypical designers combining fashion and innovation, Sylvie Coquet has enhanced the world of porcelain-makers, not with a new name, but with a new style. Her art and creativity feature pure, sober and transparent lines.

Her eclectic universe unites shapes with material, from lights to jewellery including tableware.


Daughter and grand-daughter of a well-known name in the world of porcelain, Sylvie Coquet started out in the family workshops, thus perpetuating the family’s independence. Bathed in a world where plastic arts and design have been a constant for three generations, she set up Feeling’s Sylvie Coquet – her own collections with her own imprint, making her an artist in her own right.


Sylvie Coquet is at one with the materials she uses. In her workshop-laboratory in Limousine, and with the complicity of Jean-Pierre Cagin – an exceptional ceramic engineer – she explores the infinite possibilities of this formidably technical material.

Feeling's Sylvie Coquet was created in 2001. It was the result of their desire to put their excellent level of know-how to use in high-quality French objects, and also to preserve it by avoiding mass production. Each item that leaves Sylvie Coquet’s workshops is designed there and made and decorated entirely by hand.


Sylvie Coquet and Jean-Pierre Cagin have developed a paste that is unusually white and transparent. Patented innovations, such as the “luxphanie*” and “sculpting**” techniques have given rise to the first porcelain lace ever produced in the world.


Free of the obstructions of the contingencies of the material or the burdens of industry, Sylvie Coquet expresses a powerful creative energy which develops into many exceptional collaborations and creations, in the field of decoration and catering, with top star-rated chefs, all over the world.


Sylvie Coquet’s porcelain is exceptional to the touch. This comes from the texture and the search for new shapes and material effects.


The “Living Heritage Company” label was awarded to Feeling’s Sylvie Coquet in 2008.


It fits the image of Sylvie Coquet perfectly. “A man can only possess himself if he creates himself, but if he creates himself he escapes from himself” (Baudelaire).


*Luxphanie: phanie from the Greek –phanes and –phaneia, from phainein “to cause to appear” and litho from the Greek lithos “stone”.

Lithophane: Low-relief engraved in negative on a sheet of thin porcelain. After cooking at 1400°C, the porcelain sheet becomes transparent. As rays of light pass through, the motif shows through in positive, with astonishing precision of detail, making it a highly refined object. The process, developed in Berlin in the early 19th century, was brought to France by Baron de Bourgoing, who filed a patent in France in 1826, after a diplomatic trip to Germany, where he admired this interesting use of transparency in the porcelain. Sylvie Coquet has added even more precision and finesse to this process.



Sculpting in material, whereby the porcelain is emptied out to obtain extremely fine motifs.

This innovative process is the result of 10 years of research by Sylvie Coquet for Feeling’s and the patent was filed by Sylvie Coquet.