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Etablissements Beal SAS

Manufacture of blocks
14 avenue de Saint-Etienne
42380 Saint Bonnet le Château

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Sale to private individuals and professionals

Etablissements BEAL is the successor to Etablissement Chabret/Thessot founded in 1885.

The company specialises in the manufacture of high-quality wooden blocks for the butchery industry, under the brand name Chabret. The use of wood for blocks has been permitted and managed by the European Union since 2006 and wooden blocks are used by most small-scale butchery companies. It is particularly well adapted to some cutting operations particularly for pieces containing bone; and is valued by butchers since it is easier to maintain than PVC boards which are difficult to plane, scrape and clean. 

The company uses Jura hornbeam, a very dense wood traditionally sought after and used when a hardwood is needed, such as in the manufacture of wooden blocks. The workshop is also skilled in the traditional end-grain technique, involving sawing perpendicular to the grain. The use of this technique is essential to ensure a clean cut, to avoid splinters.

The company is also working on new creations with three designers for the launch of new ranges of wood blocks for private individuals (including François Bouchet, creator of the year in 2002). It offers customers chopping boards as well as tables.


The company, which is essentially aimed at professionals (distributors of butcher’s equipment such as La Bovida, La Corpo, La générale de gastronomie), also meets the needs of individual visitors to the workshop.